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Spotlight Series | Social Media Guide

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✨The AASYP Spark: Spotlight Series is now open for applications! Do you or someone you know deserve to be spotlighted for their achievements as a young leader making a social impact in their communities?

?With the support of the Australia ASEAN Council, the Spotlight Series will feature incredible young leaders who are creating impact in their community to be featured in a professional video interview about their passion projects and their journey as changemakers.

Young Leaders selected to be part of the Spotlight Series will have the opportunity to:

✅Inspire other young people across 11 countries in Southeast Asia and Australia.

✅Showcase their skills and impact on a high-quality and professional platform

✅Grow their network across the region.

Apply or nominate someone now to amplify their impact and inspire young people as a future leader of our region!

Applications and nominations close: 30 September 2020

Eligibility: citizens of Australia or an ASEAN member state aged 18-29 years

For more information and to apply or nominate go to:

#AASYPSpark #InspiringYouth #SpotlightSeries #YouthDiplomacy #aasyp #ausaseanyouth #ASEAN #AusASEANCouncil #DFAT #AAC


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AASYP – ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership

ASEAN Australia Council


ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade








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